Palestinian Medjoul 2020 Are Ready for Shipping!

Palestine Just Trade

Palestine Just Trade Inc. is pleased to begin its second season of providing solidarity sales of Palestinian Medjoul Dates.

With current situation in place regarding Covid-19 we will do our best to continue to ship directly to you. In order to ensure shipping in timely fashion, please order as early as possible.

JUMBO size, 900 g, shipped in carton of 8 packages at $160. Shipping included anywhere in Canada.

Also four 900g packages for $100 including shipping.


An amazing way to support Palestinian producers and workers, and justice for Palestine

The 2019 fall harvest from Palestine is here, and being shipped across Canada.

Available year round, we are now wanting to be sure you get your orders for Ramadan 2020. With Canada Post services indicating that their normal guarentees are not in place, please ensure early order.

Medjoul Dates are indigenous to the Jordan Valley in Palestine, and grown only in a couple other places in the world.  

A wonderful way to break fast during 2020–with Palestinian Medjoul Dates with benefits going to Palestinian families & justice for Palestine.

Palestine Just Trade Inc. provides your community with this UNIQUE opportunity to pre-order choice quality Palestinian Medjoul Dates from the Jordan Valley of Palestine just in time for Ramadan 2020.  

The new harvest from Fall 2019 is in! and we deliver directly to you.


“Medjoul dates delivered to you directly from Palestinian plantations” just in time for Ramadan 2020.

During 2019, mosques, community groups, churches, family and friend came together to make orders, and enjoyed Palestinian quality trusted product and support justice for Palestine.

Palestine Just Trade Inc. provides a UNIQUE opportunity to enjoy choice quality Palestinian Medjoul Dates from the Jordan Valley of Palestine

Medjoul Dates are 100% Palestinian;  grown, harvested, sorted, graded, and packed by a Palestinian Agricultural Organization located in Area C of the Jordan Valley in Palestine.  

Beyond having amazing Palestinian Medjoul Dates to break fast or enjoy in other ways & times, any proceeds realized in this initiative will be going directly to Palestinian farmers and their families, and to supporting the work of justice for Palestine through projects both here in Canada and in Palestine.

Dates from Al-Auja  Village  / Jericho  City   Palestine.  Grading, packaging by
Al-Rwad  Company in Jericho. 

 Learn more about the production, grading, export HERE.

Palestinian Mejoul Dates

First Class Medjoul Dates, 900 g packages, Jumbo Dates

Packaging and export is provided by business which serves the agricultural communities in Area C of Palestine.

900 g Palestinian Medjoul Date packages available in attractive packages for Ramadan and Eid, 2020.   

Also, wonderful to have handy in your cupboard for treats and snacks and for gift giving.


$20 for 900 G of JUMBO SIZED.  Shipping included; ONLY available through community orders of 8 packages/increments of 8 packages. Or $100 for package of four shipped.

Retail pricing available through contacting


Send email with name, address, phone to

Payment made by e-transfer to

In future, we will be introducing credit car option.

For more details on ordering contact

These Medjoul Dates from Palestine have been sorted with much care by trained skilled Palestinian workers & leading edge technology-to ensure only the best product is made ready for your purchase.  Through the process, the Medjoul Dates are classified by weight, volume, air ratio, humidity and other criteria to ensure the highest quality product. In the final stage, the Medjoul Dates are packed with upmost care, and then put into temperature controlled storage from harvest in fall 2019 for the coming year.  These dates are the finest, premium quality.

The Medjoul Date–It is Distinct & Unique

Medjoul Dates are the best-selling in the world, with a history of plantations dating back more than 6000 years ago in the Jordan Valley. The  Medjoul Dates is known as the King of the Dates.

Buy Medjoul Dates are dates gown on the land and by the people of Palestine who have been tending this indigenous treasure for thousands of years.

Medjoul Dates are only indigenous to a couple areas in the world, including the Jordan Valley and Morocco, but have been introduced to several other areas including California and Mexico more recently.  It is important to be sure you know the source of the Medjoul Dates you buy actually grown. That is why ordering Palestinian Medjoul Dates from Palestine through Palestine Just Trade is a wonderful choice.

Medjoul dates have arrived in Canada for Ramadan 2020 from agricultural communities in the Jordan River Valley, just north of Jericho. All processes through to the packaging are undertaken in Palestine.  These dates are grown, graded and packaged by respected Palestinian company that is working with producers to ensure quality exports around the world. You can be assured that these are choice quality and you know they are from a community in Palestine.

The dates are grown using excellent production practices.

The dates are grown using excellent production practices,  under the supervision of the Ministry of Agriculture and the Palestinian Institution of Standards and Metrology (PSI)

Medjoul Dates: a Distinct, Healthy Food Choice

Medjoul Dates, the King of the Dates are rich in vitamins, fibre, minerals, antioxidants and potassium.  The Mejoul Date is known as a natural nutritious sweetener and as an instant energy source. There are many health benefits that have been attributed to this flavour filled, convenient food.  Medjoul Dates are unique as they can grown larger while maintaining their wonderful taste and texture. Natural sugars, mainly glucose and fructuose, made the Medjoul Date distinct in date, and a very healthy and energizing food choice.  More about the nutritional value of the dates is available upon request.

Ensuring Quality  for Knowledgeable Consumers, Meeting International Standards

Focus ion Quality, Healthy Products with Distinct Taste, ensuring that the products of Palestinian farmers reach your home.

FSSC22000 certified for food safety and quality management.

Madjoul Dates are grown under a low chemicals agro-production system,.  All products are subject to inspection and monitoring by the Ministry of Agriculture and the Ministry of Health in cooperation with the laboratories of Bir Zeit University., in addition to the internal inspection procedures of the company New Farm.  The Ministry of National Economy, in cooperation with the Chamber of Commerce issue Certificates of Origin.

Transportation via temperature controlled container, with shipping arranged FOB to Toronto. Palestine Just Trade is working with locally based Palestinian organization on import and temporary warehousing. From Palestine to your door, we are all focused on quality, distinct Palestine medjoul dates being available as part of this solidarity project here in Canada.

Palestine Just Trade Incorporated / Palestine Juste le Commerce Incorporée

Palestine Just Trade Inc. was established in 2018 to bring distinct, quality Palestinian products into Canada on the basis that all of its activities must support “just” trade related to international law and human rights, and be considered through the len of providing the message of “just peace” in regard to Palestine.

This includes working with social conscious Palestinian organizations to ensure that the best quality product can be imported to Canada.

Proceeds will go to the Palestinian producers and workers, and any margins going to Just Peace Advocates, a not-for-profit international human rights organization that is working in Canada in partnership with other Canadian, with Palestinian and international groups to realize “just peace” for Palestine.  

Information on Just Peace Advocates can be found at

Stay tuned for other initiatives of Palestine Just Trade Inc.

900 G Palestinian Medjoul Date packages available NOW in attractive packages for Ramadan and Eid, 2020.   Wonderful to have handy in your cupboard for treats and snacks and for gift giving.