Medjoul Dates from Palestine for Eid Al-Adha 2019

Medjoul dates delivered to you directly from Palestinian plantations.

Available for Eid al-Adha 2019.

We continue to ship direct to you, at Solidarity Price of $160 for 8 boxes of 900 G JUMBO top quality product. Now available 4 packages for $100 shipped.

To order:

  1. send email with name, address, and phone number (along with password for etransfer) to
  2. send etransfer to

The packages will be sent by expedited post within a day or two of order. Tracking info will be provided, and you should get your package delivered in 2 to 10 days depending where in Canada you are. Most deliveries in 3-5 days

Palestine Just Trade Inc. was established in 2018 to bring distinct, quality Palestinian products into Canada on the basis that all of its activities must support “just” trade related to international law and human rights, and be considered through the lens of providing the message of “just peace” for Palestine. Proceeds go to the work Just Peace Advocates. Check out