CBC reports on Taybeh winery of “Palestine”

Sticker covering label on Palestinian wine bottle at LCBO ‘offensive,’ says Palestinian Canadian man

Read the CBC article: Taybeh wine bottles produced prior to 2020 had sticker as ‘interim solution,’ Ontario liquor board says, by Sara Jabakhanji · CBC News · Posted: Apr 22, 2022 4:00 AM ET 

Did CBC just say “Palestine” a dozen times!

Those in Ontario over legal drinking age of 19 years can order online through the LCBO Destination program to nearest LCBO store or for home delivery.

At present, there are five flavours of Taybeh beer and three vintages of Taybeh by Nadim wine available under the LCBO Destination program.

Palestine Just Trade’s response

Sara reached out to Palestine Just Trade just after 7 PM on April 21 saying an article going to press. This was our response, some of which was reflected in the article produced.

from:Palestine Just Trade 
to:Sara Jabakhanji
date:21 Apr 2022, 20:54
subject:Re: URGENT CBC Toronto Inquiry – Taybeh Wines at LCBO

Dear Sara

In March 2019, as part of the LCBO’s purchase of Taybeh wine & beer under its Destination program, the LCBO approved the labels with “Product of Palestine.”  However, in late July 2019 after the Taybeh product had arrived and was ready to be released, the LCBO abruptly put it on hold. At that time, the LCBO informed Palestine Just Trade that “due to the recent decision by the Federal Court regarding labeling requirements for wines from this region, we have placed these products on hold.”

In January 2020 after holding the Taybeh products for over seven months, the LCBO said that if stickers saying “West Bank” were placed on the wine and beer products they could be released. Since that time the LCBO Destination program has made two additional purchases of Taybeh’s Nadim wine and of Taybeh beer. The LCBO has continued to require West Bank on the label. The LCBO asked with the most recent shipment that also a blank sticker be placed over the word Palestine in the product title “Taybeh of Palestine.”

Access to information requests show ambiguity about the role of the CFIA, Global Affairs Canada and the LCBO in regard to the abrupt change regarding labeling in the summer of 2019.  Our understanding is the federal government requires country or region of origin for wine, but there is no such requirement for beer. However, it seems the LCBO, perhaps under direction from the CFIA and/or Global Affairs Canada is saying that since Canada does not consider Palestine to be a state, they will not accept Palestine as a region or country of origin.

See more details in the following items from 2019:



Somewhat like the CBC own journalistic standards/language guide, it seems Palestine is a word that is censored.


At present there are five flavours of Taybeh beer and three vintages of Taybeh by Nadim wine available under the LCBO Destination program.

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