Still time to order Medjoul Dates from Palestine for Ramadan and Eid 2019


Dear Friends

Thank you for your support as we have began PALESTINE JUST TRADE.  

We have been blessed with orders for MEDJOUL DATES FROM PALESTINE from nine provinces, and over 20 cities. 

Many of you have coordinated orders in your communities.  Thank you so much!
Others have ordered for friends and family, and others have inquired but not yet ordered.

A number of multiple orders have been made from across the country….a sign that people are excited to have distinct, quality product from Palestine at an affordable price.

As we enter into the 2nd week of Ramadan, there is still time to get your orders in.
We continue to ship direct to you, at $160 for 8 boxes of 900 G JUMBO top quality product.

You also may want to order so you have supply for the year, for your own enjoyment, gift giving or perhaps for bazaars or other events.

We are delighted that in this first few months there has been such wonderful support & excitement about the product from all corners of the country.  A special benefit has been getting people in touch with each other in local communities to share an order–letting people who did not know each other but are supporting human rights for Palestine to meet each other.

Orders in most cities across Canada take 3-6 days from ordering to arrive, and some places up to 8-10 days on occasions.  

We are glad to receive your feedback as we consider how we move forward for 2020.  Also, we hope to have several other distinct, quality Palestinian products joining our line in the coming months.

Take time to check out Just Peace Advocates for various campaigns and work supporting Palestinian rights.  One in particular, is to sign the petition to the Canadian government calling for Palestinian Heritage Day each November 29th. Sign (remember to confirm the email you receive when you sign) and SHARE WIDELY

Taybeh Beer and Wine coming to Canada this summer

Private orders in Ontario & Newfoundland now can be placed through Palestine Just Trade.

Available in Ontario through LCBO in the summer of 2019!

Taybeh Beer (Amber, Dark, Golden, IPA and White)

Nadim Wine (Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Syrah, Sauvignon Blac, and Cabernet Sauvignon 2014 Grand Reserve)

Stay tuned for more details. Will be available by the bottle through the World Destinations e-commerce program for beers and wines.

Private orders in Ontario or Newfoundland can be placed now!

For more information please contact

You can place private order for product by the case (24 bottles of beer, 12 bottles of wine)

Image may contain: drink

Taybeh Brewing Company

Taybeh Brewing Company is a family owned business established in 1994 when David Khoury and Nadim Khoury were inspired by their late father, Canaan David Khoury (1926-2002) to return to their home village of Taybeh and establish the first micro brewery in the Middle East.

The goal was to invest and boost the local economy by introducing new styles of natural hand crafted micro-brewed beers according to the German Purity Law with no preservatives or additives making an excellent Palestinian beer. Nadim Khoury turned his hobby of making homemade beer during college days into a career becoming the master brewer. He is very proud to pass this passion and experience to his daughter, Madees Khoury, the only female brewer in Palestine.

Taybeh Beer is uniquely produced in small batches and hand crafted with state of the art equipment. This assures strict control, Batch to Batch process. Using the best ingredients that money can buy to create a beer so fresh, it can only be called TAYBEH BEER.

Taybeh Winery: Nadim Wines, the Only Boutique Winery in Palestine

Taybeh Winery

Taybeh winemaking philosophy: create top quality wines of distinction

Taybeh Winery was founded for one simple reason – to bring truly exceptional wine to the Palestinian market and abroad. We are able to achieve this by partnering with the finest growers in Palestine in order to deliver high quality wines and the highest degree of service to our customers.

Taybeh Winery is a family owned business founded in July 2013 by the Khoury brothers, Nadim and David, and Nadim’s son Canaan Khoury. Following the success of the Khoury family in opening the only brewery in Palestine, Taybeh Brewing Company, Canaan was inspired to return to Palestine after finishing his studies in the United States to open the only boutique winery in Palestine.

Stay tuned for more information about the distinct, quality hand crafted beers and boutique wines!

Palestine Just Trade is pleased to be the agent for Taybeh, working together to introduce these products to Canada.

Order NOW in time for Ramadan, your Medjoul Dates from Palestine

Medjoul dates from Palestine just in time for Ramadan 2019. Order now. Shipped to your door.

Just a week to Ramadan. Perfect time to make your order of solidarity medjoul dates from Palestine Just Trade. JUMBO, top quality, people are very pleased with quality, and lots of referrals & also re-orders.

We expect to have supply during Ramadan and into Eid, but to be sure to have your supply for Ramadan best to order in the upcoming couple of days.

$160 for 8 cartons each box 900 grams. Shipped anywhere in Canada

Ship in boxes of 8 cartons.

To order:

  1. send email with name, address, and phone number (along with password for etransfer) to
  2. send etransfer to

What to expect

The packages will be sent by expatiated post within a day or two of order. Tracking info will be provided, and you should get your package delivered in 2 to 10 days depending where in Canada you are. Most deliveries in 3-5 days.

These product are directly from Jericho area from Palestinian producers, packager and exporter, Al-Rwad Company Imported working with Palestinian company here in Canada.

All proceeds will go to Just Peace Advocates work for Palestine.

Comments include:

  • I had not really tasted a date until I tasted these.
  • Bring me back home to Palestine
  • Distinct, amazing, top quality product.
  • Thanks for bringing genuine Palestinian medjoul from sources that we can trust.

Being enjoyed in Comox Victoria, Vancouver, Coquitlam,Langley, Kelowna, Calgary, Edmonton, Winnipeg, Thunder Bay, Corunna, Waterloo, London, St. Catharines, Oakville, Hamilton, Toronto, Mississauga, Peterborough, Godfrey, Ottawa, Montreal, Point Clarire, Enfield, Saint Johns, St. John’s and other places across the country. Thanks for your support of Palestine, and this initiative.

NOTE: t is important to be sure you know the source of your Medjoul is from Palestine. There is ONLY a couple sources coming into Canada. However, there is at least one vendor who portrays their product without country of origin, or from another country such as Jordan, but in fact is bringing from illegal isreali settlements. In many cases the price for these products are very similar to those of Just Peace Advocates, but you are buying goods from Israeli illegal settlements even though they may say Medjoul Dates including arabic label. In some cases products marked as Medjoul Dates from Israel may be cheaper, but these are clearly from illegal settlements, as Medjoul dates are only grown in Jordan Valley which is in occupied Palestine.

Medjoul Dates from Palestine continue to Debut Across the Canada

St. John’s, Halifax, Saint Johns, Montreal, Ottawa, Perth, St. Catharines, Oakville, Toronto, Mississauga, London, Sarnia, Kitchener-Waterloo, Thunder Bay, Winnipeg, Edmonton, Calgary, Vancouver & lower mainland, Victoria, Comox are enjoying Medjoul Dates from Palestine. And many are re-ordering!

People are passionate about Medjoul Dates from Palestine. With comments including “I never had really tasted a date until I tasted these.” More testimonies to follow.

Be sure to get your order in. Only a month until Ramadan begins.

$160 for box of 8 packages of Class A/JUMBO 900 g Medjoul Dates from Palestine. Shipping included. Ships in boxes of 8, 16, or 24.

How do I place my order?

To order: e-transfer to and send email with your name, address, and phone number.

Medjoul Dates from Palestine making their way across Canada.

March 15, 2019: 1000 package shipped to communities coast to coast

Thank you to supporters from: St. John’s, Halifax, Saint Johns, Montreal, Perth, St Catharines, Sarnia, Toronto & area, Peterborough, Winnipeg, Calgary, Vancouver, for being part of the first orders!

Don’t miss out. Orders being taken now.

900 g packages JUMBO first class, shipped in cartoons of 8 packages (7.2 KG total) for Solidarity Pricing of $160. Shipped in increments of 8. orders & etransfers to

Check out details HERE.

All proceed to JUST PEACE ADVOCATE work here in Canada and in Palestine, working to support human rights, international law and self-determination for Palestine.

Palestine Just Trade Incorporated / Palestine Juste le Commerce Incorporée

Palestine Just Trade Inc. was established in 2018 to bring distinct, quality Palestinian products into Canada on the basis that all of its activities must support “just” trade related to international law and human rights, and be considered through the len of providing the message of “just peace” in regard to Palestine.

This includes working with social consciousness organizations in Palestine to ensure that the best quality product can be imported to Canada, with proceeds going to the producers and workers in Palestine. Any margins go to Just Peace Advocates, a not-for-profit international human rights organization that is working in Canada, Just Peace Advocates works in partnership with other Canadian groups, as well as with Palestinian and international groups to realize “just peace” for Palestine through projects in Canada and in Palestine.Information on Just Peace Advocates can be found at

PALESTINE JUST TRADE INC. presents “ Medjoul dates delivered to you directly from Palestinian plantations”

Stay tuned for other initiatives of Palestine Just Trade Inc.

Welcome to Palestine Just Trade

Working with agriculture, food, beverage, and resource organizations in Palestine to bring Canada the distinct, quality of Palestine.

NOW: selling Medjoul Dates from Palestine. $160 for 8 packages of 900 JUMBO first class dates directly from Palestine. Don’t miss out. info and orders to