2024: The new harvest Palestine Medjoul has arrived!



Quality, premium, jumbo size Medjoul from Al Rwad in Palestine.

900 + gram (2 lb.) packages, 8 packages per case. $200 shipped anywhere in Canada.

Solidarity sales, with proceeds going to justice work for Palestine, both here in Canada and with partners in Palestine, through Just Peace Advocates.


Contact: info@palestinejusttrade.ca

Payment: E-transfer, or alternate arrangements.

Available for order during Ramadan, and we expect after as well.

Half case may able to be arranged at $140.

Palestine Just Trade is pleased to co-present at the 16th Toronto Palestine Film Festival “Mediterranean Fever”


  • SUNDAY, OCTOBER 1, 2023
  • 7:00 PM  9:00 PM

In-theatre: 7:00 PM at TIFF BELL LIGHT BOX Toronto ON
Online Launch: 7:00 PM Eastern Time (Toronto)
Online screening will be available for on-demand viewing from the theatre launch date until Oct. 4, 11:59pm.



Check out TPFF

MEDITERRANEAN FEVER حمّى البحر المتوسط

108 minutes
Maha Haj
2022 – Palestine, Germany, France, Cyprus and Qatar
Canadian Premiere

Arabic with English subtitles
Hebrew with English Subtitles

Waleed lives in Haifa with his wife and children and dreams of a writing career while suffering from chronic depression. He develops a close relationship with his neighbour, a small-time crook, with an ulterior plot in mind. While the scheme turns into an unexpected friendship between the two men, it leads them into a journey of dark encounters.

Featured Cast
Amer Hlehel
Ashraf Farah
Anat Hadid
Cynthia Saleem
Samir Elias

World Premiere: Cannes Film Festival 2022 – Un certain Regard (Winner of the Best Screenplay Prize)
Vancouver International Film Festival (2022)
Hong Kong International film Festival – Official Competition – Firebird Award Winner



Social Responsibility Statement

Palestine Just Trade is the agent for Ashkar Winery and Taybeh for Canada.  Both wineries are owned by Palestinians. The LCBO has purchased products from Ashkar Winery and Taybeh.

On January 12, the Israeli human rights organization B’Tselem released the report, “A regime of Jewish supremacy from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean Sea: This is apartheid.”

The report states that “all Palestinians living under Israeli rule are treated as inferior in rights and status to Jews who live in the very same area.” Previously focused only on the occupied territory, B’Tselem demonstrates in this report that apartheid also applies to “Palestinians who live on land defined in 1948 as Israeli sovereign territory,” outlining that they “do not enjoy the same rights as Jewish citizens by either law or practice.”

Palestine Just Trade stands against policies of the state of Israel that result in discrimination and apartheid against Palestinians. Palestine Just Trade supports the Palestinian call to use non-violent tactics to bring pressure on the Government of Israel to end its policies of discrimination and apartheid against Palestinians.

Palestine Just Trade supports the Palestinian call:  i) to end the occupation, ii) for equality for Palestinians who are citizens in the state of Israel, and iii) for the right of return of Palestinians.

This includes challenging the racist and discriminatory policies of the State of Israel, whose laws, crowned by the Jewish Nation-state law (2018), privilege Jews over non-Jews, and systematically discriminate against Palestinian Arabs.

No company, person or product is boycotted because they are Jewish, for that would be anti-semitic and unacceptable. However, no state or person can escape criticism simply because they are Jewish.  Practices and laws that favor Jews over non-Jews should be rejected.

For supporters of the state of Israel who applaud its discriminatory laws and policies, to demand that BDS* tactics boycott Israeli corporations “equally” is hypocritical.   

Palestine Just Trade denounces anti-semitism, and all forms of discrimination, and stands against any conflating of Israel and Judaism. Anti-Zionism is not anti-semitism.

Palestine Just Trade Inc. was established in 2018 to bring distinctive, quality Palestinian products into Canada on the basis of “just” trade and the message of “just peace” respecting international law and human rights.

*The BDS movement employs nonviolent tactics (Boycotts, Divestment, and Sanctions) to bring pressure on the Government of Israel to end its policies of discrimination and apartheid against Palestinians.  As a movement BDS upholds three political goals: End the Occupation, Equality for Palestinian Arab citizens of Israel, and Right of Return for Refugees.  BDS leaves it up to each local group or individual to choose their own political goals, and the actions or campaigns to support.  Some local groups only boycott products made in Jewish-only settlements in the West Bank, but not those made inside the state of Israel. Others concentrate on boycotting companies which profit from the occupation and the Wall.  Most campaigns have concentrated on corporations which benefit from the occupation, or directly participate in it, like Caterpillar, HP, and others.

Wine and Beer

Taybeh Beer

Palestine Just Trade is an agent in Canada for Taybeh and Ashkar.

Palestine Just Trade imports wine from Ashkar Winery and Taybeh Winery, and Taybeh beer.

Currently, products are available at the LCBO through the World Destination Program as well as product is available through specality service/private sales.

Contact info@palestinejusttrade.ca for more more information about Taybeh and Askhar imports to Canada.

All purchases are made through the LCBO, and those purchasing need to at least 19 years of age & provide proof of age of majority as required by Ontario laws.

Ashkar Winery

Ashkar Winery is a boutique winery located on a pastoral hill in Kofor Yasif village. The winery was founded in 2010 as a continuation of a long tradition, started by the family homeland village Iqrit, which is surrounded by dozens of antique presses that were used for making wine from grapes growing in the region.

Read more below about each of the five varities available through the LCBO, or check them out at the LCBO through its World Destination Program. Products available by e-commerce, delivered to your home or the LCBO store of your choice.

Ashkar Winery is a boutique winery started by Nemi Ashkar, a second generation Palestinian of the displaced community of Iqrit. Previously an Arab, Christian village, Iqrit was seized and forcefully depopulated in 1948 and later destroyed on Christmas eve in 1951.

Nemi grew up hearing stories about the exile of his family. He sought a way to capture the very heart and soul of their beloved valley. Thus, Ashkar Winery was born and is now mother to a series of award-winning wines.  Established in 2010,  Ashkar wines are are available today for you to order and enjoy through the LCBO.

Taybeh Winery

Taybeh Winery was founded for one simple reason – to bring truly exceptional wine to the Palestinian market and abroad. We are able to achieve this by partnering with the finest growers in Palestine in order to deliver high quality wines and the highest degree of service to our customers.

Check out the Nadim (by Taybeh Winery) boutique wines available through the LCBO.

These can be ordered through the LCBO World Destination Program e-commerce channel, delivered to your home or local LCBO store.

Taybeh Beer

Taybeh Beer is uniquely produced in small batches and hand crafted with state of the art equipment. This assures strict control, Batch to Batch process. Using the best ingredients that money can buy to create a beer so fresh, it can only be called TAYBEH BEER.

Check out the Taybeh Beer available at the LCBO World Destination Program by e-commerce. You can order by the bottle. Shipped directly to your home or to your local LCBO store

.Order Taybeh Beer at the LCBO

All purchases are made through the LCBO, and those purchasing need to at least 19 years of age & provide proof of age of majority as required by Ontario laws.

Palestine Just Trade Incorporated / Palestine Juste le Commerce Incorporée

Palestine Just Trade Inc. was established in 2018 to bring distinct, quality Palestinian products into Canada on the basis that all of its activities must support “just” trade related to international law and human rights, and be considered through the len of providing the message of “just peace” in regard to Palestine.

This includes working with social consciousness organizations in Palestine to ensure that the best quality product can be imported to Canada, with proceeds going to the producers and workers in Palestine. Any margins go to Just Peace Advocates, a not-for-profit international human rights organization that is working in Canada, Just Peace Advocates works in partnership with other Canadian groups, as well as with Palestinian and international groups to realize “just peace” for Palestine through projects in Canada and in Palestine.Information on Just Peace Advocates can be found at www.justpeaceadvocates.ca.

PALESTINE JUST TRADE INC. presents “ Medjoul dates delivered to you directly from Palestinian plantations”

Stay tuned for other initiatives of Palestine Just Trade Inc.

Welcome to Palestine Just Trade

Working with agriculture, food, beverage, and resource organizations in Palestine to bring Canada the distinct, quality of Palestine.

NOW: selling Medjoul Dates from Palestine. $160 for 8 packages of 900 JUMBO first class dates directly from Palestine. Don’t miss out. info and orders to info@palestinejusttrade.ca